Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is justifiably branded as, "The future of fine watchmaking." When you see the Numeric indicator, you will agree.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wi-Fi: Collation, and Due Diligence

Google made a mistake; end users need to take Due Diligence, seriously.

I'm not a stranger to this process, working in a state government funded project of special interest. If the auditors catch on to a major error, a specific pattern of mistakes that affect either customer service or our internal processing, they sift through everything, and up come queries about errors that do not affect the regulations of the project.

First: Those that believe public service individuals are devoid of market pressures are deluded; they are justifiably concerned for their tax revenue, yet badly mistaken as to the accountability.

I view the above article on Google's Blog, and here it turns out they have critics ready to pounce:

Google Is Inching Closer To Being “Evil”

"How they handle this latest privacy issue with their services will determine if they ever be can be trusted again."   — bullshit!

For three years, almost no-one knew how to open the damn manual and lock the wireless on their integrated routers! no time for I.T != no accountability.

Second: If Google do everything they say here, They are ready to handle government projects. This is a good thing; Google are one of a handful of anarchic-capitalist style governments in their own right, aren't they?

This seems on par with how the simplest of businesses portray themselves these days. On the proper scale, a sophisticated investor is an anarchist government entity, embedded within a legacy superstructure of capitalism. It took ~ 30 years to perfect, and most of these did not take their environmental/social obligations seriously until very recently.

This works both ways. Say what you like about Google; I've seen too many people set up unprotected hot-spots from 2005-2007, completely disregarding the security advice from their local nerds.


Anyone can say what they like about the government, so I whole-heartedly congratulate them on their QUIT campaign, for a funding and PR initiator well done. Everything we are able to do for smokers, follows through because of the government.


Smokers; "Every day without cigarettes is doing you good. You can stop smoking then, or you can stop smoking now."